Customs and Trade Consultancy

We offer flexible consultancy services, advice and guidance throughout Ireland on international trade, Brexit, AEO, import, export, Customs, audit, compliance and Standards.

  • Customs/Trade Training
  • Classification
  • Binding Tariff Application
  • Export licencing compliance
  • Export procedures
  • Import procedures
  • Customs procedures
  • International trade
  • import duty management and reduction
  • AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)

This combination gives our clients the best of both worlds adding strength and depth to the advice, guidance and practical assistance that we offer. This is particularly relevant for clients seeking to achieve AEO Status.

Our experts have a depth of experience across many industries including telecoms, luxury goods, e-invoicing and freight forwarding. They are skilled in using this knowledge to bring a rounded, practical and above all pragmatic approach to business issues. We advocate doing what is necessary in a way that minimises disruption and red tape but brings as many business benefits as possible.

How can we help?

We offer training and specialist support and advice by the hour via phone, zoom or email. We can cover any element of your international trade, customs, compliance and audit needs.

We also offer a helpful service that can offer experienced expert on-call support to your in house team on a longer term basis. Give your team the confidence to tackle any project, safe in the knowledge that they have the back up of experts available to help at any time. Contact us to discuss the options and packages available.

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