Whether by air, by ocean or by ground Bevan Murphy Consulting can apply a wealth of routing and pricing knowledge to help you find the most efficient, cost effective and reliable manner to move your freight.

Because we are independent we can apply our expertise to craft a more flexible and customized solution that fits your needs instead of ours.


We can recommend a comprehensive menu of air logistics options to meet your requirements for transit times and cost saving opportunities like consolidation and intermodal shipping


Flexible consistent and integrated solutions in an ever changing environment.


We will provide options for you to combine sea, air and ground for a cost saving alternative to air freight. As part of the process, we can evaluate you existing operations before you commit to making any changes to your operations. Should you decide to go to the market for an outsourced solution; we will advise on how to structure the process, we will prepare the necessary documentation, recommend suitable logistics providers for consideration, and we will assist with the evaluation and selection process. We can also advise on contract negotiations and prepare Service Level Agreements; and ensure that you are prepared for a smooth transition. Contact us here to discuss how we can help.


Bevan Murphy Consulting can help you decide which processes or functions should be outsourced and assist you in selecting a suitable service provider. Or, if you are considering changing you existing logistics provider, we will ensure that you find the best options to meet your requirements.

Typically, an outsourcing process might involve:

  • Process map of current supply chain
  • Identify numbers of suppliers; shipment frequency, no of pallets, Sku’s etc
  • Profile customer base; number and location of customers; ordering patterns; delivery quantities etc.
  • Identify supply chain operating costs
  • Identify supply chain services required and potential added value services
  • Identify any potential supply chain improvement opportunities
  • Draft Request for Proposals (RFP) to include background; service required; projected volumes; service levels required; response requirements (e.g. time-lines, financial background etc.)
  • Identify and profile list of potential qualified 3PL’s
  • Manage the selection process, including:
    • Develop scorecard and criteria set for evaluating 3PL responses
    • Review and evaluate responses in conjunction with management
    • Attend presentations by candidates
    • Arrange site visit to 3PL’s locations
  • Assist and facilitate management team decision to select preferred candidate to proceed to detailed negotiation of service contract.
  • Agreement on timelines, milestones, etc.
  • Definition of appropriate metrics for insertion into the contract to track performance (e.g. labour productivity, space utilization, stock accuracy, stock rotation, on time/in full, etc.)

Our consultants can also provide and facilitate an implementation plan that ensures an effective transition from the existing operation to the new outsourced solution. This role can be tailored to provide whatever level of support the client requires.

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